The disposable food packing / consumption occasion products' are on an aggressive growth path in India over the last decade. It will continue to do so across town classes. The market has three broad components retail trade, wholesale, modern trade (retail chains), and food service (hotels and restaurants).

GFL through its 'sub-organisation' -  Consumer Products Business ("CPB") strategises to have its footprint as the leading company in India in the near future.

With the changes in life styles of people in Urban and semi urban areas, demand for house foils for household food packaging is growing at a good pace. Consumer Products Business ("CPB") segment of the Company currently caters to the food packing needs by marketing various products, namely House Foils and Cling Film, under the brand name "Nutriwrap". The demand for these and similar "disposable" products are increasing day by day and thereby giving a very good / synergistic opportunity to the Company to increase its product portfolio in CPB segment.

The Company is focusing on introducing new products in the CPB segment leading to product portfolio enhancement. It is also actively in the process of strengthening its Sales and Distribution system across India so as to optimize available business opportunity. The Company also sees opportunities in export markets.

Nutriwrap Aluminium foil and cling film come in various sizes which caters to the need of different type of customers. These various sizes are sold  to the consumers  in the General  trade markets which consists of general trade and modern trade which comprises of all types of supermarkets, namely, Big Bazar, Reliance Mart, Star Bazar, etc. The bigger pack sizes are mainly sold to institutional markets, such as hotels, restaurants, food outlet etc.


  • Form : Foil rolls
  • Alloy & Temper : AA1235 , AA8011 / Soft ,Hard
  • Thickness : 0.010-0.018 mm
  • Width : 300-450 mm
  • Core ID: 76 , 150 mm on Steel/Aluminium