At Gujarat Foils Ltd., quality is kept in mind at all stages of production. International standard testing equipment ensures that our products are of the highest quality. We have an array of testing equipment at our facility including a tensile testing machine (Jinan make), a bursting strength tester, an electronic weighing balance, a pinhole tester, a heat seal strength tester, a jaw heat sealer, an Erichsen cup value tester, a F.T.I.R., a constant temperature bath viscometer, a redwood viscometer, a Pensky-Marten flash point apparatus. To determine moisture content, we use Karl Fischer's titration method.

Certification System Certifying Agency
D.M.F. Type – III D.M.F. No. Assigned : 25725 for Strip Foil U.S.F.D.A.
D.M.F. Type – III D.M.F. No. Assigned : 25585 for blister Foil U.S.F.D.A.
INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2008) BSCIC
Environmental Management System (ISO 14001:2004) BSCIC
Occupational Health & Safety Management System (OHSAS 18001:2007) BSCIC
GMP Good Manufacturing Practice (ISO 15378:2011) BSCIC